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Prospect United High Performance Baseball

Prospect United High Performance Baseball

Player Development that GETS WINS

Prospect United NW provides its teams with a Competitive Baseball season  throughout the months of April to July. High school aged players run their seasons from late May to the end of July.

Team seasons include league, tournaments, nonconference games, and NCAA showcase events (older teams only), with level specific scheduling ensuring our teams are positioned to win.

In season workouts with the Prospect United coordinating staff give our teams and athletes continued support that builds upon their off season of work.


These skill specific teams play a 30-40 game competitive schedule - catered to BOTH their current performance level and individual athletic skill. This optimizes winning percentages and allows our athletes to play competitive baseball that is catered to their specific performance ability. 

Local and regionally based tournaments round out the season, with league and nonconference games against solid PNW teams. Travel is limited to give these teams more time on the practice field and training arena. The hope is to advance these teams onto the next level of team performance the following year.


These teams play a heavy schedule of league, tournament, and nonconference games. Their spring and summer will include 45-60 games, with regional tournaments and one national travel event. Scheduled competition pushes these athletes more so than our regional prospect teams, as an emphasis upon winning and development is placed upon every athlete. A healthy mix of highly competitive baseball and games wherein winning percentage is high provides these teams the ability to be pushed, but win consistently. Our hope is to advance these athletes onto the Showcase Premiere level by the following year.


Our premiere teams are the best in the PNW, competing nationally in major events. Their schedule is laden with top talent, showcase events, and more. Exploiting them to the failures of the game is what drives their development. Winning at all costs is the focus and aggression is their game. Their season will be 45-60 games, with a mix of premiere level league, national or invite only tournaments, and nonconference games against the best teams around.