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Pro Face Guard for Helmet





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Bolts directly onto existing hardware (No drilling or adhesive required) Face Guard comes in Gloss Finish Available in both Right-Hand-Batter and Left-Hand-BatterCompatible with any size and color 

ATTENTION. Prospect U Athlete, Congratulations on being selected to compete with the Prospect United name across your chest. Now it's time to get fitted. You'll find your organizations required player package items at the top of the page. Extra gear and apparel can be found below. Please allow 4-5 weeks to ship, some items will take longer due to lead time or back orders. If that is the case you will be notified. Player jersey numbers will be provided by the Coach. IMPORTANT. Please double check the sizes and colors you select. Do not mistakenly order an adult size when youth is needed or vice versa. All orders are custom made and cannot be exchanged of refunded. Please email SEAN@BIGLEAGUEEDGE.COM for questions regarding your team store.